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She’s not pretty, that word is too small . She is not the girls i used to stare at ,all bend and curve and softness. She is small but strong, and her bright eyes demand attention.Looking at her is like waking up.

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"I might be in love with you. I’m waiting until I’m sure to tell you though."
"That’s sensible of you. We should find some paper so you can make a list or chart of something."
"Maybe I’m already sure and just don’t want to frighten you."
"Then you should know me better."
"Fine. Then I love you."

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Have always loved his “follow me to” photos but this one is just perfect

They   l o v e d   you, Tris. For them, there was no better way to show you. 

i would like to thank god for his teeth

And i have to kill her, but i can’t do it, so i look away.

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